Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I submitted my first novel to my first agent. Am I prepared for rejection and critique?


How about failure?

Not an option.

I will get published. Eventually.

Meanwhile, if you are interested and you have a bit of patience you can follow along on this journey of mine. I have a load of stories I want to tell. I expect to experience highs, lows and middles on our trip...this little site will be my therapy and to some degree my muse. Although full 'musing' credit goes to my partner Tina.


Anonymous said...

The Dr. Seuss books got rejected more than 15 times before the author finally found an editor who accepted his work." ..as was Harry Potter. Hopefully it won't take 15 tries for this to make it to print. :)

Hang in there and thanks for changing your blog for me :)


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