Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writing...waiting...and a synopsis

So today is the first week anniversary of my submission. I HATE waiting but it's part of the business of writing.

But the Agency guidelines say to expect 'a response' within four there is a little more waiting to do. Of course that hasn't kept me from writing, compiling more lists of agents who accept my kind of work, or writing some more.

The key is to keep writing and persistence. I have a target of 2500 words per day. Sometimes I cheat a little and include this blog or e-mails into the word count. Don't judge me.

Sometimes I double that count if I'm on a roll.

And sometimes I even take a break. Tonight will be a 'break' night as T and I head out to see 'Young Frankenstein' (the musical stage show) in downtown Boston tonight. I'm looking forward to that...but I know I'll feel guilty tomorrow.

I've had a few folks ask about what I'm I thought I'd include a little teaser for the first book. Instead of your 'normal synopsis,' I wrote a bit of a teaser from the point of view of Symon Bryson, my main character. The series will be written (for the most part) from Symon's first person perspective. Let me know what you think. And I'll try not to be writing in my head while asking 'what hump?' at the play tonight. :-)


"My name is Symon Bryon and I have a story to tell you.

“So what?’ You might be asking yourself. ‘Everybody has a story to tell.’

My story is a little different from yours, would be my response. Let me start from the beginning.

Well, not quite the beginning, as that would involve diaper changing and breast milk. Besides, I don’t remember that stuff anyway.

When I was a kid, my parents were killed. Apparently right in front of me, but I don’t remember that either. Soon after that life-altering event, I was brought to the Church as an orphan. I lived and learned there, but it wasn’t your typical education.
See, I’m a practitioner. Of magic. And that’s what I was taught.

‘But magic doesn’t exist,’ you say. And I’d tell you to stop interrupting. I’d also say that magic does indeed exist. It’s just that the Church has kept that little detail from you for a couple thousand years.

Anyway, for ten years I learned about magic--you know, spells, potions, that sort of thing. Then I, and my friends who were taught with me, went on our first big mission. And we made a cock-up of it.

Then I left. I hid in Dublin, Ireland for a decade running a little pub and a few side ventures.

So the beginning is not quite the beginning. My story really starts after I got that telegram from my old mentor, Monsignor Charles DuBarry, begging me to come back to Boston.

I flew back to the States to confront my old teacher. I had a really great speech prepared and everything. Unfortunately, by the time I got to my old home and school at St. Ignatius, Charles was gone. Kidnapped by a demon.

Well, I couldn’t tell the Monsignor off like I’d planned, so I did the next best thing. I teamed up with my old friends, including the first love of my life, to get him back. We hit a few bumps in the road, of course. Like another kidnapping, more demons and ten years worth of problems we’d caused (Ok...I caused) that we had to fix.

This is my first interesting story. It’s about redemption, the fight of ‘Good vs. Evil,’ and the discovery that hiding from my destiny wasn’t one of my better decisions.

Plus, there are a couple of hot chicks and a motorcycle thrown in for giggles.

Enjoy. And one word of advice? Sometimes that noise your kid hears under the bed isn’t just their imagination. You should always check. And bring a baseball bat, just in case."


Anonymous said...

Interesting intro, I'm ready to hear more. Bette

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