Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack!

All-righty then!

After 1200 miles of driving, a whirlwind weekend with my children (see my son rock climbing off to the right), and assorted other family obligations, it's time to be writing again!

Time away from the keyboard has done wonders. I hadn't realized how stressed I'd made myself over the last few weeks. I was piling on work without planning and forethought.

The end result was the fact that there were no end results.

So this morning, It's back to work. I have ONE short I'm happy with that I can comfortably have ready for submission in the next few days...and it's nothing I've posted about before.

Exciting stuff!

The Prodigal's Foole is in process of a full professional edit and a 50 page critique (by an agent). My website is in Eric's very capable hands and I have a script (of sorts) for my first podcast.

A little 5MinuteFiction at 1:30 PM today ought to get me back into the groove.

A couple days away was nice, but now I'm back pounding away at the keyboard. Feels pretty damn good.

Oh, and a side note to the guys at Sirius XM:

I loved the Eighties station....helped me get through 1200 miles of driving this weekend. The Pat Benatar and AC/DC sets were wonderful. But PLEASE throw away anything labeled 'Debbie Gibson' or 'Tiffany' -- also any post-Commodores Lionel Richie.

And tell Nina Blackwood to lay off the Camel's.



Sessha Batto said...

You couldn't have taken ONE more day and given the rest of us a chance at 5 minute fiction now, could you?! Nothing more energizing than spending time with our kids, they pull us out of ourselves and give us a whole new outlook on life.

Now, if I could just coax mine out of his room perhaps I could get similarly inspired ;)

RBW said...

Oh no! I'm looking at 5 Minute Fiction to springboard me back on schedule! I'll be in Maine next week so i'll let you have that one. LOL

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