Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Podcasting Subject Matter and 5MinuteFiction

I've been chatting with a few people about the upcoming podcast.

I mean, what should I talk about? What do people want to hear? How do I not only GET an audience, but retain them? All good questions, especially since what I want to talk about has to do with writing and what the Hell do I know about that?

But see...that's the point.

I want to do a show for the 'newbie,' the 'wannabe' and the 'curious.' Like me.

So there will be interviews. I've spoken to half a dozen people out that about being on the show and was surprised when they all agreed to participate. Enthusiastically.

I want to talk about the struggles of writing (everything from the love/hate relationship writers have with their manuscript as they go through their 40th revision--to finding an agent).

I'd like to highlight authors, share opinions and showcase the work of so many folks out there.

And above all I want to have fun.

Those of you who know me realize I'm a bit mad...barking, in fact. So I'd expect a little of that as well.

The goal is to have something together in the next month or so. So keep coming back for updates!

In the meantime, today I'll be the judge for the 5MinuteFiction starting at 1:30 PM Eastern TODAY (03 August 2010). So click on the link and come join the fun.

Heh. I'm a writing competition judge! Oh the POWER!!


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