Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Open Letter the the SyFy Channel

"Sharktopus." Really?

"Lake Placid THREE." Honestly?

Ogre. Ice Spiders. Yeti.

PLEASE stop.

Just STOP.

A third Stargate series--Starring Lou Diamond Phillips. Your star of that cinematic masterpiece of 2009 "Carny."

Lou and a Carny Freak

Oh, and you now have WWE's "Smackdown." Awesome.

I I BEG you to go back to the days of "Farscape" and the original "Stargate: SG1."

There are a boatload of talented writers out there...I'm connected to a couple hundred of them via twitter. Get a few good writers. Create STORIES that have Science Fiction elements. Don't go for the cheap mindless entertainment. Spend the money on the ideas, the writing and the scripts. Not on Tiffany and Debbie (Sorry. DEBORAH) Gibson as headliners.

(By the way, see the two Eighties pop stars in the cat fight scene from that celluloid Emmy contender "Megapython vs. Gatoroid" HERE)

I know not every show can be like the recent "Battlestar Galactica" reboot or "Warehouse 13." I also know there is a fantastic camp-value in these movies. My partner and I watch them to make cheeky comments and laugh...something in the days of "The Great Recession"that has its own value.

But you're not even TRYING anymore.

Just saw an ad for "Mandrake" for Sunday night. Thank God football's on.


Sessha Batto said...

I have to admit the hubs and I hunkered down last night for a comedic Saturday evening of Lake Placid Three and Sharktopus. To cap it off there was the totally over the top Hammerhead, with the man/shark hybrid ;) In the correct mind space it was uproarious . . . but NOT science fiction. I have to agree, the programming has gotten worse. Unfortunately, after 25 years in the business, I have to say it's because the campy crap is what makes them money. It gets viewers, which means advertisers. If it didn't they'd quickly make a change. Unfortunately there's a nearly unending appetite out there for crap, and a very very select audience who wants intellectual stimulation. Majority rules :(

DED said...

Yep, Sessha is right. Wired did an article a few months ago about the production company that churns out these schlocky monster movies. It's all about cheap costs and quick production.

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