Friday, September 17, 2010

A weekend of writing ahead...THE PRESSURE!

For the last month or so there has been a lot of work related and family related items that have come up and eaten into my writing time. Normally I have a daily goal of 2000 words or so. To put that into perspective, that tends to be a chapter of a book, half of a normal-sized short story or a quarter of a novella.

It doesn't mean its good, mind you. I wrote 15k words in a weekend and ended up leave close to 11k on the cutting room floor during the subsequent revision session.

Lately I've only been able to write a bit here and there. It's been more than a little frustrating as I'm trying to ramp up the first chapter of Foole and get it to a point where it's really in "query condition."

But now I have a full weekend I can dedicate to writing...and I'm hyperventilating over it. What if my muse decides to go on holiday? She's a feckless b*tch sometimes (for the record, I call my muse "Kira." Yes. That was Olivia Newton-John's muse character in "Xanadu." Shut up).

I'll be working on Foole, the script for the second episode of "The Word Count," and a few assorted
bits and bobs.

A lot planned.

You'd better show up, Kira!


WotV said...

Yeah, it's the Kira thing. That's why your muse is a b*tch. ;)

RBW said...

Oh are SO right!! :-) xoxo

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