Thursday, September 9, 2010

Podcast Update

Finished the raw recording for the first episode of "The Word Count" this morning!

The last piece of the 'cast was an interview with author Emmett Spain. I want to thank him for his time today, especially since I screwed up the diary entry for our interview.

As he's in Sydney Australia and I'm in Boston, the time difference is 14 hours. Apparently I have an issue with simple maths.

Never the less, we had a fantastic chat over Skype today...and that was the last thing I wanted to get done before the final edits and posting of the podcast.

I'm still targeting the release of the cast coincide with the premiere of my new website.

Now if I could only write the kick-ass opening to The Prodigal's Foole I want, it'll be a total win for the month of September.

Stay tuned! And while you're at it, pick up a copy of Emmett's book: Old Haunts, A London City Novel. Kindle version available as well!


Leah Petersen said...

Is the interview with an Aussie the reason you've started talking like a Brit?

M Pax said...

lol, to Leah's comment. Excellent on all your doings. Glad to see it and wishing you all success.

RBW said...

Thanks M Pax.

And Leah, darling. I've gotten REALLY good at editing the podcast and I have a 15 minute interview with you recorded. Hmmmmm. Wonder what I could do with that? :-)

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