Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Got my first rejection today...

No matter how much you brace yourself for it, the first rejection always hurts a little.

I received an e-mail about an hour ago thanking me for my submission, but the agent passed on the work.

Well, these guys receive hundreds of queries everyday....I certainly didn't expect to get picked up right away.

So, the plan is the same. I'll take the feedback I've been given, compile that with the first fifty page critique I'm expecting from a second agent, and review the work objectively. I'll make changes I feel enhance the story.

ReaderCON is coming up in a month so, I hope to be ready to peddle my wares then.

In the meantime, the writing continues.

I wonder....should I start a 'Rejection' folder to help document this journey? And if any agents out there are reading this and wish to chat, I'm all ears!

More later.

UPDATE: 02JUNE- Slept on it last night, sent out thank you letters this morning. I'm going to spend the next month leading up to ReaderCON working on polishing up book one and incorporating some of the advice I've received. So book two will go on hold for now. It's all good, and I'm more determined then ever to get my stories out there.

Some of you pointed out that this wasn't my 'first rejection.' Fair point-have plenty from the 90's. I guess what I meant to say was: "This was my first novel rejection."


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