Monday, June 28, 2010

NYC Trip....Bust and Bonus

So I never did get to the publishing houses like I wanted to. Best laid plans and all that.

Friday would have been the only day I could've gone. Tina, the kids and I left Boston about ten in the morning. Should have been able to spend a few hours in the city, then out to the Island for my brother's 50th birthday.

"Should have," being the operative phrase.

Let's just say the suck-i-ness that is I95 is legendary. And in order to have REALLY arrived in Manhattan at 3:30 PM Friday, I would've had to have left Beantown at 6 AM.


So that was the 'bust' part of the trip.

The 'bonus' part was the time with family.

We spent Saturday at Old Westbury Gardens...a place that my entire family has enjoyed for decades--and one that I, my dad and my brother were very happy to share with both Tina and the kids. Sunday was a birthday brunch for my brother then a return trip to Red Sox Nation.

Good times...and did I mention my brother was a graduate student in English? And that I left a copy of "The Prodigal's Foole" in NY?

I also left him the complete digital set of National Geographic Magazine, which he collects, spanning from 1888-2006 for his birthday.

I mean it's not ALWAYS about me, right?


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