Friday, June 11, 2010

Sometimes, the right answer is the simplest one.

Those of you who are steady readers know I have my kids this month--so writing and updates will be a bit sporadic as I fit a years worth of parenting in a few short weeks.

A few days ago I took my son for a flight lesson as a belated birthday gift. You can read about that here.

Trying to be a 'fair father,' I wanted to come up with something similar for my daughter (for her birthday).

As a ten year old girl, things just go in and out of fashion with her like a day of New England weather. In other words, random and rapid changes are the norm. 'Hannah Montana is SO yesterday dad!' she exclaimed recently as she pulled Miley Cyrus' face from her pink guitar.

So what to do?

I was racking my brain for a new activity. Something for her to try that she might enjoy.

Whale-watching tour? Nah.
Day at the Science Museum? Nah. No interest.

That's when my partner, Tina said 'How about a beginner's horse-riding lesson?'

I remember looking at T as if she'd just said 'The sky is blue.'

Simple, yet perfect.

I recently scraped a lot of book two because I'd gone way over the top with plot points. I reverted back to one driving factor and Book Two became simpler. And better.

Applying the KISS method ('Keep It Simple Stupid') is such a good writing tool, that it works in real life too.

A Pony ride for my little girl. How perfect.


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