Thursday, June 24, 2010

Short Stories and time to write

I mentioned yesterday that I'm polishing up a few short stories to send out.

Once I submit, I'll publish them here as well. Just because you guys have been great at giving feedback, making comments etc.

The first story I posted on here in it's 'first draft' phase. The 'Were Roaches' piece. It was for an agent who tweeted (Twittered? Twitted?) something funny that spawned the 7000 word tale. I went back a week ago and reread it. The work was crude, but still made me laugh. So revisions ensued.

The second piece is a 'what if' involves a fictional mishap in an Apollo-era mission.
Kind of an alternate universe thing. I'll give you a little teaser:

"Al Bean looked at the 'Intrepid' and watched with a detached, morbid fascination as the spacecraft slowly leaned left, then toppled over..."

And that's just how it starts.


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