Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Writing? I'm a MARKETING guy!

So the results are in.

Portrait One received 2 votes
Portrait Two received 7 votes
Portrait Three received 38 votes
Portrait Four received a goose egg.

So the winner is:

Ick. Who IS that guy?

So I'll be using the picture above in my marketing materials. The good news is that now I can finish the cards as well:



My website currently redirects to my blog for now. I'm still looking for the right web-guru to help create the site. I haven't been happy with any site designs I've done myself. It's a "limited knowledge on my part" issue.

So if there are any kick-ass web developers out there, feel free to contact me. I will, of course, need to see samples of your work.

In the mean time, I have actually been doing a little writing. Two short stories I've been playing with, with one ready for submission to 'Analog' or 'Asimov' magazine. Will keep you posted on those as well.

ReaderCon in sixteen days!


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