Wednesday, July 14, 2010

5MF Competition results and Writing Update

Last night I won my first writing competition!

Leah Petersen (who has written a really good SciFi love story called 'Mourn the Sun.' Excerpts can be found HERE.) runs a weekly 'quick and dirty' competition called "5 Minute Fiction." I blogged about it before as I entered for the first time last week and came in second.

This week I got the the prize! I couldn't feel more honored!

What did I win? you may be asking yourself.

Additional traffic to my site and via Twitter. And the knowledge that some people actually like what I write.

To us insecure writers, nothing is more precious then knowing what you love to do is enjoyed by someone other then ones' mom or partner.

The contacts I've made through this short, but thrilling competition have even helped with my query letter (I'm looking adoringly (but professionally) at Leah and Sessha) and others have provided constructive feedback on The Prodigal's Foole chapter posted off to the right.

Next up are a few short stories and magazine submissions. I have a hard target of 31 August to mail those out so I'd better get cracking!

Meanwhile, novel revisions, query revisions and a hunt for agent representation continues. it looks to be a busy rest-of-summer indeed.

Should you be interested in seeing my entry for 5MF, click HERE. I also recommend that you read the other entries. It's amazing what writers came up with in just five minutes--and they are all good. But also remember--when typing like a maniac--edits are a luxury!

UPDATE to Add: Just found out Jim Morrow's SHAMBLING TOWARDS HIROSHIMA just won the 2010 Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award! Congrats Jim!!


Leah Petersen said...

I'm so glad you found #5MinuteFiction! Yours yesterday gave me the chills in a very good way.

Good luck on the submissions! You're an excellent writer so it won't be long.

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