Tuesday, July 6, 2010

READERCON 21 - This week

*Deep Breath*


First writing convention starting in a few days. I literally have no idea what to expect. I'll post the pocket guide to the seminars/lectures etc later today with my choice of panels. You can have a look and see what I'm getting myself into!

No word from Sean if he was able to get a hold of Jim (Morrow). I see he's still on the attendee list, so I'l try and track him down on Saturday.

I'll be bringing copies of chapter one from "The Prodigal's Foole" as well as copies of two short stories I've been working on. Both need a bit more polish, so that'll be the work for the next few evenings.

Friday night a 'meet and greet' night for the conference attendees, lecturers and people in 'the biz.' I must remember to SIP my Jack...

Look for that mini-guide posting later, and with any luck a couple of short stories soon thereafter.

I plan on blogging from the convention floor all three days (July 09, 10, 11). Stay tuned!

UPDATE (06JUL10 - 10:00 AM EDT) Here is the Pocket guide to ReaderCON 21 panels

Second UPDATE: Here's where you'll find me: Marked-up Guide


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