Friday, July 30, 2010

Website and...Podcasting?

Many of you know I've been looking around for some assistance with my website.

Ok. To be honest my 'website' is a simple redirect to this blog. So I guess by 'some assistance'
I mean 'someone to build what I have in my head who knows what she/he is doing.'

My focus as a Technology Consultant for the past 15 years or so has been in Program and Portfolio management. Before that, I was a Helluva engineer. In both roles I've met some really bright people.

A long time ago I worked on a project with a damn good tech weenie. A great guy by the name of Eric Grigg. He happens to also be a co-host of the 'EaglesFanCast.' This is a podcast, blog etc. for everything to do with the Philadelphia Eagles American football team.

I've linked his crew's site above.

Anyway, Eric and I worked together years ago. We'd occasionally see each other (once actually randomly meeting up at Dublin Airport). He's been lurking on my blog for a while and I've been lurking on his podcast.

He still is a tech guru and has offered to help getting my site off the ground--as a part of this whole 'self-marketing' campaign to publish my writing.

But when we spoke last night, he had some ideas about other types of media to 'get the message out.' As a successful podcaster himself, he's suggested that I spin up my own podcast to compliment the blog.

Honestly, podcasting was in the back of my mind...but it's been on a dusty shelf labeled "Things to Do when Someone Discovers a Pill that Will Let You Never Need Sleep Without a Psychotic Breakdown." or TTDWSDAPTWLYNNSWAP for short.

Heh. Pronounce THAT Mary Poppins.

Anyway I think Eric is going to be helping design not only my website, but the whole 'R.B.Wood Media experience.' God help us all.

In thinking of what I want in a podcast I've so far decided that I DON'T want it to be a retread of this blog. So I open it up to you, dear readers. What would you like to see in a 'wannabe writers' podcast that would be interesting to you? Leave your thoughts, ideas, rantings in the comments below.

And to think...all I wanted was a little HTML with a few pretty pictures...


Sessha Batto said...

I would caution you to decide who you're trying to draw to your site - other writers or your readers? While my blog is read by a mix of both, my site is targeted at my readers, not other writers, because they are the reason I have a site, create content, write serials and all the other platform building things that I do. As lovely and enjoyable as the company of my fellow writers is, it's my readers that will go out and buy the books and watch the videos and ultimately decide if I am successful as a writer or not.

So take a long hard look at what you trying to accomplish before you start - it will make it a lot easier to hit the ball out of the park on the first try (and make your designer friend less likely to hate you for making a bazillion changes ;))

RBW said...


Totally agree. The issue of course is two-fold. Raise 'visibility' to get noticed by the business side of the writing industry....THEN for the readers.

I want to walk a tight rope in between. So I want to talk about writing, I want to highlight new writer's work. I want to interview industry professionals and fellow writers....and promote my own stuff when I begin to get a reader base.

I'll drive Eric nuts. But he knows me and is used to that....:-)

Eric Grigg said...

OK, I am starting to get a LITTLE nervous about my offer to help with this!! :)

RBW said...


Awesome. You do great work under pressure!! LOL

Sachula said...

You could talk about your writing process: what inspires you, what gave you the most trouble and stuff like that.
You could also read some of your work aloud on your podcast to gain interest in your new novel. One of my favorite authors, Mike Bennett, does this for his work Underwood & Flinch.
Interviews with other authors, reviews of books you've read recently, there's a whole bunch you could do with a podcast. :)

RBW said...


Exactly! So much that can be done!! Thank you for the feedback!

Keri said...

I've read up a lot on online and offline promoton and podcasting was something that caught my attention. I really think it is a good way to go if you can manage it, so if you've got someone to help you along the way, that's wicked. Best of luck!

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