Monday, July 19, 2010

The dreaded 'Critical Review'

It's a good thing I have a little sister that is (and always has been) smarter then me.

Why? because we used to fight. A lot. It toughens up ones skin.

Writing is very personal for me. MY Story. MY characters.

MY mistakes.

I've had my family and a few very close friends read The Prodigal's Foole. I've of course received feedback and suggestions. All spun positively of course. That's brought me to the second full revision of my book. I felt it was coming together nicely and I was ready to start poking agents in the eye with it.

Notice I used the PAST tense: FELT.

But I want it to be PERFECT. So to be sure, a wonderful writer by the name of Leah Petersen offered to do a "Crit Review." -- a Critical Review of my Manuscript, that is. "Bring it!" I thought. "I'm ready!" (BTW-In turn she sent me her MS for a similar look-see (Mourn the Sun)).

Well, I started to get comments back from Leah. A lot of comments. Some really good, some "Meh" and a lot of suggested corrections. I'm running through the first 150 pages of my book that's she's looked at so far...and let me tell you she has a wicked red pen (and this is a GOOD thing).

So TPF is back being in "second draft stage" while I scramble to fix a few things. Stuff only a real writer would've caught.

I have a lot to learn. And thanks to my sister, I'm tough enough to actually listen.


Leah Petersen said...

Your sister and I need to go out for coffee. :)

RBW said...

No. No you don't! LOL

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