Saturday, July 31, 2010

Review: Old Haunts, A London City Novel (E. Spain)

Old Haunts, A London City Novel
Emmett Spain

One of two reviews I've been behind on:

Four out of Five stars

I’m an urban fantasy writer myself. So I couldn’t help but look at “Old Haunts” with a critical eye.

So imagine my surprise when I finished the ‘ghost’ of a teaser and was already onboard for this alternate reality (London) romp.

Jack Worthington is the perfect anti-hero. Does everything the wrong why with the right intentions.

Well most of the time.

Worthington is a gruff, head-strong spirit talker whose desire to help a client with her marital issues (especially an issue with the ‘death do us part’ portion of her vows) leads to a death mark and an eventual race against an oncoming apocalypse.

The pace is fast, the twists are unexpected and I closed the book already looking forward to book two.

Just to see how Emmett screws with his characters next.

And one final note. If you are tired of sparkly vampires, then you’ll really enjoy one of the main villains.


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