Friday, July 16, 2010

Self Marketing--A New Writers "Elephant in the Corner"

I know. I've said it before.

Writing is a business like everything else.

Oh, not the actual coming up with a STORY part. That's fun.

But to be a successful (read: able to eat and stuff) writer, you have to get noticed. I've written about my hunt for the right agent that continues in earnest. But is there more one can do to self-promote? To get a 'message out there' that says "I'm a writer, damnit and you'll love my work!"

After all, it's book sales that make the scribe.

Well, there is. The internet has been a great 'awareness' source. I've found great information and people via Twitter. My blog is an ongoing (and occasionally rambling) sample of my work. Hell, I had someone from Tokyo and another someone from the Ukraine read this just a few days ago.

But what else?

Well cons, of course. ReaderCON was a great learning/networking experience. And as you know I prepped business cards for that.

But I also put together a little teaser post card (see below) that I left lying around. Did it work? I dunno. But it was fun to develop.

The next phase is one where I return to my roots as a tech-weenie. First, I want to boost my 'web presence' by developing a serious website ( currently reroutes to this blog).

The next is more of a viral campaign. I want to start distributing the little teaser below around both physically and via the net. But I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to do chime in folks!

The last component will be a movie-like trailer I want to distribute on YouTube. That's still in development hell at the moment.

Too much? Too little? I'd love your feedback!


Vyrdolak said...

Well, I noticed your postcard in the freebie racks and picked it up for a closer look. I thought it was interesting in its simplicity. :-)

Brian Wood-Koiwa said...

Interesting post. I am sort of in the same position as you, first time writing a novel (never published) and wondering about self-promotion in the future when I get further along.
You have a great advantage in that you are a technology consultant and, I assume, have experience in web/graphic design. that will help tremendously.I like your ideas, especially the postcard and trailer.

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