Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Charmingly Persistent vs. Annoyingly Aggressive

I'll leave it to you, good reader, to decide.

As you know, my query went out and I'm waiting to hear back.

The agent I sent it to--we'll call her 'Agent J'-- has a long stream of writer's she represents who write in a similar classification as I do.

"Urban Fantasy"

There is a newer agent at the same agency--we'll call her 'Agent A'-- who I've been following via social media. She's funny, bright and pulls no punches with her commentary.

Well, 'Agent A' had an auction recently to support the recent disastrous flooding in Nashville. The auction was for a fifty page manuscript critique.

This is also the same agent I wrote the quick 'Were-roaches' story for a few days ago.

Bottom line, I stayed up until one last night to win the auction. And I did.

I already checked with her regarding the politics surrounding submitting to one agent, while winning this golden opportunity with another in the same agency. She said they'd bend the rules for charity.

I SO want to work with these people. They really are awesome.

So while I contemplate how to impress Agent A and get her as excited about my book series as I am, I leave the following question for you:

Was this an opportunity to get myself in front of the right person? Or a 'too aggressive' move motivated by my desire to publish?

I'll let you know...and I can't wait to get feedback on the first fifty pages. Good, or bad, at least a professional eye will be looking at what I've put on paper.

And the people of Nashville get some well-needed cash.


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