Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Recovery - Second Book Syndrome

All of a sudden, another weekend has shown up.

And yes, like most people, I love the weekends. However, I'm totally unprepared for writing tomorrow.

I blew away most of the first act for book two last weekend. I've since rewritten three chapters and I'm much happier with the direction.


I'm thinking I'm completely overdoing the 'Second Book Syndrome'. Cue scary music.

What is Second Book Syndrome? And why, as an unpublished writer, do i have it?

Second Book Syndrome is the tendency for a writer to over-reach and over-compensate, thinking that the first book was some sort of fluke. Book two ends up being of lesser quality then book one.

Writers are flaky people. Brilliant...but a little low on the self-esteem totem. At least until they are successful, then the pendulum can swing wildly the other way. Someday I hope to talk about that one from experience (And I expect all of you who know me to smack me if I become like that).

Actually, I think a major part of a literary agent's job for their clients is reassurance. Could you imagine if Dickens had an agent way back when?

"Of COURSE Chuck. It's marvelous. Although I have to say 'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times' might not be the best way to draw you readers into your latest book. A bit of a bummer, if you know what I mean. But brilliant otherwise..."


The first act for book two was setting up a grand adventure. Actually upon reflection, I think I was trying to fit the entire series into the first act. Which is why I'll hold on to a bit of it.

So what's new is still a grand adventure. Just one that's book-sized. I'll know more when the weekend is out and will update you on progress.

Until then, have a bourbon on me and enjoy!

BTW-I've added links off to the right for the first three chapters of book one. That way you can find and read at your leisure. Feedback is always welcome.



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