Thursday, May 27, 2010

Instant Critique, Comments from Down Under.

As a new unpublished 'babe-in-the-woods' writer, I crave feedback.

Constructive critique and continual practice is the only way to get good at the craft. The Internet has been an interesting source of the 'instant gratification' our generation seems to thrive on these days.

It's actually been a pretty good experience so far.

Initially, I was quite nervous about posting excerpts from my first novel for the world to see. Not only was I worried about copy-write issues, but I really had doubts if what I've been building is worth anyone's time.

What I didn't expect is the number of writers (and industry insiders) who have offered me advise--good, solid words of wisdom that only better my skills.

Case in point:

Emmett Spain, an author from Sydney who writes in the same 'urban fantasy' genre as my 'Arcana Chronicles,' took time out to provide some pretty detailed critique of 'The Prodigal's Foole' opening chapter. It was good stuff and I'll be playing with some of his suggestions over the weekend.

BTW, I highly recommend his book 'Old Haunts, A London City Novel' I have it on my Kindle and it's a great read.

For a preview pop over to Amazon here:

Old Haunts, A London City Novel

But it is really interesting to see how electronic media, social websites and e-communications has changed the world of writing.

On the one hand, it has increased the number of writers out there submitting work 100-fold. This leads to a lot more competition for shelf-space in the stores. On the other hand, you can get honest and instant feedback on your work.

Sometimes from as far away as Sydney. See Emmett's Blog.

Last post for the long weekend here in the States. Loads of writing and polishing to do. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves!

And if you get a chance, check out Emmett's Blog.


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