Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Ramp-Up

Ah, Fridays.

I remember when Friday consisted of working one's butt off until noon, then spending the next five hours mapping out the pubs whose barstools we'd grace that evening.

Friday's are a little different these days.

First off, the day job is insane. I have six of 17 projects finishing up in the next thirty days. Wicked crazy.

But more importantly, I have to map out the writing for the weekend (in between the 'Honey Do' list).

With Book one (Pages 1-50) in the hands of an agent for critique, and research completed for book two, it's time to really get cracking. The Prolog is done, and Act one scenes are mapped out. time to connect the dots.

So Saturday/Sunday will be gardening, home improvements and a first draft of Act One--thirteen chapters and 32,500 words.

Oh boy. Never a barstool around when you need one.


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