Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Juggling Act

Two Thousand words a day.

It doesn't sound like a lot, but unless one is randomly typing words (like the monkey's in the 'infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters' scenario), it becomes a lot more then a word count.

At least for me, that is.

What do I want to write? Where is what I write going? Is it any good? How much editing do I do for those 2000 words and does editing 'count' toward the total?

A dear friend of mine read the 'Were-roaches' story and commented that "It was really fun, but there were a lot of typos." I'm looking at YOU Funky. And your music clip was AWESOME, by the way. Send more please. And say hi to Dillon for me.

Anyway, he was right.

There were (and still are as I really haven't gone back to edit it) a lot of typos. But the purpose of the story was to whip up something real quick based on a funny Twitter stream.

It wasn't an exercise in perfection, more one of creativity.

But of course it was for someone in 'the biz' so maybe I should've taken more care. Which leads me to the Juggling Act.

Writing is one thing. Editing, revising and editing again are completely different.

So the Juggling Act for me comes in two flavors at the moment:

1) For the blog, do I post more raw content with less editing, or do I post less but make sure it's close to perfect?
2) Should my blog be as polished as my manuscripts?

The second question is easier. I say 'No.' My manuscripts, once i've taken a pass at the edits and revisions myself, I send out to be edited one last time by a fresh set of eyes. My PhD sister and my partner are my primary editors....because they are both wicked smart, thorough and do not let the fact that I'm related impact their editing in anyway. They're quite ruthless about it, which is what I need.

Which, I guess, makes answering the first one easier. I'd rather post more 'less polished' content on the blog. I'm sure that may come back to bite me in the ass later, but--as I said in my first post here--this blog is my therapy.

So I guess you guys will have to deal with the typos. At least the juggling isn't with chainsaws.


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