Monday, May 24, 2010

Throwing the Switch and Waiting

Monday....back at the job.

I had a good weekend-- added about 19 pages to book two and got a lot of prep done for the kids imminent arrival on 7 June for a month. Spent time with the love of my life. All in all a success.

Not sure I mentioned this but I got pulled from the 'query queue' for the agency I submitted 'The Prodigal's Foole' to. My own doing of course, as I won an auction for a 50 page critique from another agent at the same company.

It's not a bad thing...I got to donate to the flood victims in Nashville, and I also get a 50 page review; which is more then most queries get. But of course I didn't set a time limit knowing how busy this particular agent is and that she donated her time.

So the waiting game continues while I move forward. Made a prototype cover for the first four books over the weekend. Posted the first book prototype Sunday if you want to see what I was playing with.

The switch is now thrown for Monday Morning and I'm back in 'work mode' with too much to do and very little time to get it all done before my babies arrive for their summer visit.

Better refill the coffee mug and get cracking! Meanwhile...I check my e-mail every hour to see if I get lucky and have convinced an agent that the Arcana Chronicles are worth her time.

Oh Tom Petty. You were SO right!


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