Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Hi, I'm Richard. I'm a writer..."

I have a twelve-step program to get to publication.

I know comparing my writing to AA is awful...I have a couple of friends who are recovering alcoholics. And I'm very proud of both of them.

However, my program is not genetic, nor is it a disease. It's self-inflicted madness.

I bring this up today because I've submitted the first fifty pages of book one, 'The Prodigal's Foole' to an agent last night. It wasn't based on a query. In fact, I won a 50 page critique via charitable auction with an agent/agency I'd been targeting for my work. Fifty pages to get noticed.

(BTW The charity is called 'Do the Write Thing for Nashville.' Check it out:

And it happens to be the same agent I wrote the were-roaches story for.

The 'Publication' Program for your reference:

1) The 'Idea'
2) The 'Characters'
3) The 'Setting'
4) The Series Arc-Where am I going?
5) The First Book Arc
6) Write the First Book
7) Research Agencies
8) Develop Query/'Get Noticed' plan
9) Acquire the right Agent
10) Develop the marketing plan
11) Acquire a publisher
12) First Printing

Repeat and rinse as needed.

I'm currently on step eight....and I know I cheated a little to get there. But I have my work sitting in the inbox of an agent I like very much. Now, we wait for her review of the first 50 pages.

Wouldn't it be nice if she asked for page fifty-one?


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