Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Long Weekend in Sight...

Wednesday. "Hump Day" as they say here in the States.

Almost forgot I'm taking Friday off and Monday is, of course, the Memorial Day holiday.

Four days of writing ahead....I'm excited!

The one thing I'm looking forward to if I ever make the transition from 'Consultant' to 'Writer' is uninterrupted stretches of writing time. It takes me a while to 'ramp up,' but once in the groove, I tend to type away until my fingers hurt. Interruptions, job, life things, all weave in and out of my writing so there is a lot of stopping and starting to contend with.

I'm not complaining, mind you. The fact that I'm writing at all with what's on the plate is still amazing to me.

This upcoming weekend is a big deal....especially since I fly down to pick up my children for a month-long visit in 12 days.

Since I only am allowed to see the kids 50 days out of the year (thank YOU suck-ass lawyer), I have a boatload of activities planned while they're here with T and I in Beantown.

Writing milestones approach, ReaderCon in July and hopefully book two completed in September. Not to mention time with my children.

Meanwhile, plan 'Acquire a Kick-Ass Literary Agent' is in full swing.

A full plate and loving every minute of it!


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